Ev Bishop


Long-standing structures
Withstanding the ebb and flow of tides
onslaught of storms
Many purposed buildings
cluttered with relics from the past.

Painted green and white,
red shingled
- presentable - comfortable - traditional
Closer inspection reveals
paint peeling -
the accumulation of dry rot, soft spots

Still functional;
That's the important thing

Windows in are old-fashioned,
divided into many panes
So are the windows out
(Less efficient - More honest)

An afterthought -
Jumbled power lines confuse the sky above the boardwalk
The boardwalk - slippery connector between
- each dwelling - fish offal plant - cannery - machine shop -
No short cuts.

To get anywhere, take the same path
Retrace your steps to get from place to place.

Shrouded in mist, surrounding scenery is -
peripheral to Cannery in
its business of construction and repair -
accommodating strangers - bridging past and future

Insight into past
but - gated off areas
"Enter at own risk."

Cultures working side by side, never amalgamating.
Trying to span differences, mend holes
Strange meld - Utility and Whimsy

Conjuring up strong feelings:
The Cannery. My Dad.

Ev Bishop